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2 Phản hồi cho “Welcome to America”

  1. dân đen says:

    Tội nghiệp con quá ! Nữ thần nghe nói con vừa đến từ đất nườc
    Tự Do- Độc Lập- Hạnh Phúc
    mà sao te tua tơi tã như người mất hồn vậy con ? !

  2. vohoan says:

    You are the statue
    Your eyes never close
    As rain falls down your cheeks
    It seems tears for the loss of the liberty

    You are the statue
    Are you dark, white, or red-haired ? I know not
    Your name ? I remember it is The Statue of The Liberty
    You sing a lovely song, I smile at the song, that old song
    Would I hear of it one more ?
    Oh freedom ! Oh my ! What glorious a dream !
    For thousand years you stand there, stoic and uncomplaining
    You stand there for the liberty
    I stand with you

    You are the statue
    Don’t have a spirit
    But remain alive with a spirit
    These day I dance beneath your feet
    I see myself and I brag
    ” I am a free man ”

    You stand there your way
    Looking upon the immense sea
    Oh the boat people ! they look for you
    To realize their dream
    Mature for ever
    I have recovered it


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